IMCG industrial DESIGN CO.,LTD.--

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Company Profile

IMCG Industrial Design is devoting to supply the Industrial Design total solution for the company. Including the market investigation, industrial design, mechanical design, product improvement design, compression molding, human interface design, packaging design, sell plan, and so on. The service is included consumer electronics, medical,living communication, IT, and medicine fixture, and so on.



Brand meaning:

I--Identification Interaction,
M--motion, moving movement
C—Creation, Create, Convenient Communication,Concept Contrivance
G—Great Gadgeteer gaiety design,gather ,Graphic,

Design Platform




Design Teams


In IMCG, We have Planning peploe , ID designers,UI Designers and MD engineers who fought numerous battles,and also have unsurpassed creative design people. for the sake of a common goal ,we come together, and formed a strong design team.


Design Info Company subscriptes industrail design info, such asindustrial design designFormT3Dream DesignAXISNikkei Design.


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Industrial design processes services

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