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Director of Industrial Design (1)

1) possess very strong capability of thinking , a keen insight and unique perspective to judge;
2) hand-painted performance capability,
3) management skills, industrial design company background, familiar with the design company operates, 3-5 years industry experience priority. Good communication collaboration
Conditions : stable income

MD Design Consultant (open)

1. Familiar with the Mechanical design and the structure of the mobile phone functions as well as machining, familiar with the product technology, successes of Mechanical design experiences and the experiences of tracking, and other (consumer electronics, instrumentation tools, communication networks terminals, home appliances, medical equipment)
2. Skilled related to the use of design software, more than three years experience in Mechanical design
3. Tradition of hard work, innovation capability
4. Optimism about progress and good at communication, collaboration, a strong sense of responsibility work
5. Advanced understanding of the Mechanical design of plastic pieces
6. University or higher education .

Industrial designers (2)

1) understand perception about life and the enjoyment of life; 2) have a strong capability of thinking, a keen insight and unique perspective to judge; 3) hand-painted performance capability, the software not specifically requested; 4) University or higher education ,tertiary more open experience, positive progress, and be good at communication collaboration .Company will to training designsoftware such as UGnx4 ODS2006 C4D 10

Record transmitted planning( part-time 2)

University or higher education. Chinese, news, advertising professional priority, 2 years or more advertising, marketing related professional record transmitted to the company planning, advertising producer and implementation, the success of large-scale planning activities case priority.

Graphic designer (1)

Posts :
1Graphic design, advertising and visual arts professional,that graduated form universities owning 3 or 4 years courses.
2. Master PC or Mac computer graphic design, and 3D modelling software , hand-painted performance capability priority.
3. Active thinking, strong creativity.
4. . With a pioneering , dedication and team spirit.
5. The company can design training industry and structure design knowledge.

Website procedure designers

skilled application PHP,MYSQL,HTML,javascript development.
Some understanding of Linux,C,Java and XML .
A project development experience or relevant experience of at least one year
Good enough - capacity and endure hardship.

Business representatives (1)

Good enough - capacity, and operational capacity, a good image and endure hardship .
Persons interested in joining please send curriculum vitae and works (preferably with photos) to
I companies mailbox :
Cooperation will meet, not directly to the company.

design cooperation 

Members of manufacturers and research firms depend rapid shaped manufacturers, data plate manufacturers, design companies, manufacturing enterprises, and production enterprises, printing and packaging manufacturers contact, win-win cooperation, please fax details to contact the company, their business or sent e-mail to our company.


We welcome the company of the manufacturing ,design and packaging printing,trades association, win-win cooperation.